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Macbook Key - Apple Macbook Replacement Keys

If you are missing a key on your MacBook or MacBook Pro, we will provide you with the information to properly select, order, and install so your Macbook will look new again.

Apple produced the Macbook from 2006 - 2010, and comes in white, black, and the latest generation in aluminum unibody with the black keyboard, although the keyboards were all very well made, with regular use often the Macbook keys will rub off due to sweat, grease, or excessive use, but no need to fear, replacing a key on your macbook is very simple, we will show you in a simple step by step installation guide on how to replace a Macbook Key.


Start by selecting your Macbook below.

Each Macbook Key purchase consists of the following:

Laptop Keycap

Laptop Key Cap
This is the piece of plastic that has the letter on it.

Laptop Key Retainer Clip

Key Retainer Clip
The retainer clip or hinge pieces that hold the laptop key cap to the base of the keyboard.

Key Retainer Cup

Rubber Cup
This is the piece of rubber or silicone that acts as the spring to rebound the key after you press it.

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