Apple 12" MacBook Keyboard Keys Replacement (Butterfly) 2015 - 2016

Laptop Key Replacement Kit

(Includes key Cap, Hinge Clip, and Cup. All The Parts Needed To Repair Your Keyboard Key.)

Full Key Replacement Kit

MacBook Keyboard Keys Replacement 2015 - 2016

Price: $6.99


Apple 12" MacBook Keyboard Keys Replacement (Butterfly) 2015 - 2016

his is the keyboard key replacement for the revolutionary 2015+ 12" MacBook with the new "butterfly" keyboard, these laptop keys are 100% OEM APPLE and will offer you with a perfect fit and finish, so buy with confidence as each purchase is back with a 100% guarantee.

2015 Macbook keyboard key replacement

Each Keyboard Key Kit Includes: Key Cap | Hinge Clip | Silicone Cup

  • 100% Factory Original
  • Brand NEW
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Free Exchange Policy
  • Hassle Free Return
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Confirm Keyboard Layout and Language

Below is an actual picture of the keyboard. Please confirm that the layout matches as well as the language.

NOTE:The default color of the keyboard we show is black. If your model comes in different colors and we have it in stock, it will be available in the color section above.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Our standard keyboard layout is QWERTY (shown below). If you have a different language layout the key cap and hinge clips are still interchangeable. If the key cap shape does not match or you require a different language layout please contact us before ordering.

Please take a look at the difference between the Butterfly 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen, there are major 
changes, and the fitment is different, we are selling 100% OEM 2nd Gen butterfly
keyboard keys with the rubber cup included, the space bar hinge clip and cup we offer with and without.

the 2nd gen butterfly key cap is taller  2nd gen butterfly hinge clip has longer pegs

2nd gen key cap is slightly taller  2nd gen key cap kit will come with hinge clip.

apple 12" macbook keyboard key replacement butterfly


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  • 5
    2016 MacBook Butterfly Keys

    Posted by Victoria on 25th May 2020

    Fit perfectly and have an exceptional quality.

  • 5
    Key tops for replayment

    Posted by Harri Tammi on 5th Feb 2020

    Excellent parts and quality

  • 5
    Up and down keys

    Posted by Tommy Cooksey on 20th Jan 2020

    Up and down keys, Very pleased with my purchase James was very helpful to me and getting the right parts I needed to replace these keys you guys keep up the great work great doing business with you

  • 5
    Great quality product

    Posted by Robert on 4th Dec 2019

    Replacement key took a while to arrive ( international shipment) but installing the key took hardly a minute and my MacBook was like new again

  • 5

    Posted by Elvis Atanasov on 4th Jul 2019

    Great product! I am not able to tell the difference between the old and keys and these ones. They were also easy to install and took less then 5 minutes.

  • 5
    Excellent if you know how to install it

    Posted by E. Mahmoud on 20th May 2019

    The color is a little bit off but the quality is great. I broke two keys before figuring out that I need to place the lower (side_facig_hock) before placing the upper (back_facing_hock) otherwise the lower hock will break. I didn't need to replace the butterfly.

  • 5

    Posted by Johnathan on 17th Apr 2019

    I thought I was going to have to take in my Mac to get the keyboard replaced but as luck would have it I just needed to replace the key. The keys sold are 100% identical to the real thing! So before you spend a lot of money on unnecessary repairs and miss time with your laptop you should consider these keys. Replacement process literally took me 20 seconds.

  • 4
    F1 key

    Posted by Mikkel Hansen on 11th Apr 2019

    Good product, perfect fit

  • 4
    Brighter P

    Posted by Jesse on 22nd Sep 2018

    So I broke my P trying to fix it because it kept getting stuck. Ordered a new one from here and I am fairly happy with it. It fits perfect and types a lot better now. Only downside is that the replacement key lets more light come through. But in the end I rather have a bright P, than a P that doesn't work at all ;)

  • 4
    Ok, but could be better...

    Posted by Alex on 22nd Sep 2018

    I can finally press the 8 key again, although it doesn't really fit that well, but I guess it's a start!

  • 5
    Good service - Good quality

    Posted by Rafik on 3rd Sep 2018

    These guys are professional - great items quality and, above all, they reply to emails! highly recommended !

  • 5

    Posted by ehui on 11th Jun 2018

    I received my keyboard keys as expected!
    Thank you