Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement 2018 2019

Laptop Key Replacement Kit

(Includes key Cap, Hinge Clip, and Cup. All The Parts Needed To Repair Your Keyboard Key.)

Full Key Replacement Kit

Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement 2018 2019

Price: $7.99


Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement 2018 2019

This is the 4th Generation of the Apple Butterfly hinge clip, this is different than the previous versions as this has a clear film membrane over the hinge clip to prevent dust and particles getting stuck between the butterfly clip rendering the key useless, so if you remove the key cap and see the membrane then these are the keys for you, if not then you have a previous version.

Please NOTE this is NOT Compatible with 16" MacBook Pro, if you need that then Please click for the 2019-2020 Apple 13" and 16" MacBook Pro key Replacement.

4th gen butterfly clips have membrane over the clip

Confirm Keyboard Layout and Language

Below is an actual picture of the keyboard. Please confirm that the layout matches as well as the language.

NOTE:The default color of the keyboard we show is black. If your model comes in different colors and we have it in stock, it will be available in the color section above.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Our standard keyboard layout is QWERTY (shown below). If you have a different language layout the key cap and hinge clips are still interchangeable. If the key cap shape does not match or you require a different language layout please contact us before ordering.

Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement 2018 2019


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  • 5
    Exactly what was needed

    Posted by Ben Feist on 22nd Jul 2021

    Fast, reliable shipping. Fit the laptop like a glove.

  • 5
    Mac book pro

    Posted by Michele on 30th Jun 2021

    Promptly received and working great!

  • 5
    Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement 2018 2019 - delete key

    Posted by Tibo on 24th Mar 2021

    Fast shipping and delivery, exactely what I needed to avoid having to pay a lot of money at the apple store!

  • 5
    Keys for 2019 MacBook Pro

    Posted by Denys on 4th Mar 2021

    At first I thought that I am screwed! Cause the only thing that I couldn't figure out is how to attach the actual mechanism to the keyboard! Well i found double sided MMobiel tape and with help of regular hair dryer I was able to attach the key mechanism! And it is perfect, works just as new!

  • 5

    Posted by Vinh Nguyen on 25th Feb 2021

    Excellent! Worked as advertised!

  • 5

    Posted by Deni Sukmawan on 6th Feb 2021

    Good products, fast shipping

  • 1
    Miss Amount

    Posted by Customer on 4th Feb 2021

    I ordered 2ea CommandKey. And I got 1ea keyboard key.
    So, I sent message about this situation. But no comment.
    I hope to receive this 1ea key.

  • 5
    Laptop keys

    Posted by Peter on 19th Dec 2020

    Very happy with the product and service

  • 4
    replacement keys

    Posted by Laura Ponter on 26th Nov 2020

    The actual keys were well made. However, there were no installation directions or even a youtube link. Also, would be good to include a thin guitar pick or where to get tools to do the replacement. It's all about customer service and being proactive to their needs and simply asking 'have you doe this before' and keeping connected to your clients. Just my opinion...

  • 5
    Promptly delivered

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Nov 2020

    All perfect!

  • 3
    MacBook Pro (2019) Up Arrow

    Posted by Ric Donati on 13th Oct 2020

    WARNING: Do not try to replace anything other than the key or hinge yourself. It's not possible to do without replacing the entire keyboard, and if you mess something up, the Apple store will charge $650 for the replacement.

    NOTE: I am not sure if this applies to all keys or just the up/down arrows.

    There was no issue with shipping or the product that arrived, but there should be a word of caution to buyers that the cup cannot be replaced on newer MacBook Pro models.

  • 5

    Posted by vinh nguyen on 24th Sep 2020