Apple Unibody Black Macbook Keys

Laptop Key Replacement Kit

(Includes key Cap, Hinge Clip, and Cup. All The Parts Needed To Repair Your Keyboard Key.)

Full Key Replacement Kit

Unibody Black Macbook Keys

Price: $4.99


Apple Unibody Black MacBook Keys

These Keys are the BLACK KEYS for the late 2009 - 2010 UNIBODY MacBook,

Each Keyboard Key Kit Includes: Key Cap | Hinge Clip | Silicone Cup

  • 100% Factory Original
  • Brand NEW
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Free Exchange Policy
  • Hassle Free Return
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a proud American company since 2005. All of our products are packaged and shipped from Orange County, Ca.

1. Identify Hinge Clip Style

The hinge clip is the plastic scissor clip that swivels up and down underneath the keyboard key cap. It is usually either black or white and functions as the part that holds the back of he key to the keyboard.

Manufacturers often use different keyboard vendors during production and each vendor has its own unique type of hinge clip. Compare the chart and identify the version that matches. You will fill this info in Step 2 above.

Hinge Clips are not Universal so if your hinge clip does not match, please Contact Us for help.
Regular Key: A B C & 1 2 3
Large Key: Caps Enter
Small Key: Esc F1 F2
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC01 Regular
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC01 Large
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC01 Small
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC05 Regular
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC05 Large
MacBook Laptop Key Hinge Clip AC05 Small
2. Confirm Keyboard Layout and Language

Below is an actual picture of the keyboard. Please confirm that the layout matches as well as the language.

NOTE:The default color of the keyboard we show is black. If your model comes in different colors and we have it in stock, it will be available in the color section above.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Our standard keyboard layout is QWERTY (shown below). If you have a different language layout the key cap and hinge clips are still interchangeable. If the key cap shape does not match or you require a different language layout please contact us before ordering.


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  • 5
    Replacement key

    Posted by Dorian on 10th Jun 2020

    The replacement key arrive quickly and was a perfect fit. It helped that the key order page showed different keys based on the model of computer I had. Also, the price couldn't be beat based on what I found.

  • 5
    Spacebar replacement key

    Posted by Rance Blair on 9th May 2020

    The item was good quality and all parts were present. Initially there was a problem with shipping but after an inquiry everything was resolved quickly and my part arrived within 4 days! Good parts, good customer service. I would buy from them again!

  • 5
    Easy, no fuss

    Posted by Peter Kootsookos on 7th Jun 2019

    This key was easy to replace, with zero fuss. The videos really helped.

  • 5
    A Place You Can Trust

    Posted by Dick Cunningham on 19th Apr 2019

    These people are tops... they know what they are doing.

  • 5
    Michael E. Curtis

    Posted by Michael E. Curtis on 26th Sep 2018

    Perfect fit for 2010 model

  • 5
    Apple keyboard

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2018

    Perfect fit!

  • 5
    Finicky to install, perfect when done right

    Posted by Mark van der Pol on 20th Jul 2018

    The website gave adequate guidance to identify the correct type to order.

    Installation instructions however were inadequate - after we got it done, they made sense. Before we had discovered for ourselves how to do it, they were not useful or illuminating.

    I think what they need to add are more of the ways not to do it that nevertheless look like it is right.
    It was easy to convince ourselves we’d done it right, and yet the cap would not click into place.
    A strong light and a magnifying glass were essential, as was a small dentist’s pick/cleaning tool. At a pinch a toothpick might work.

    Persevere, don’t despair, and remain gentle with the tiny mechanism - when it is inserted correctly it will sit right and the key cap will snap in with a satisfactory click.
    If it doesn’t first try, examine the mechanism again, see it can be flipped, or opened the other way, or mounted reverse to the way you were certain was correct. And try again.
    It looks complicated, but with patience it will become clear how it is supposed to work and the final time will be a triumph.

    I give 5 stars as mechanically it is exactly the right part, identical in fit and finish to the original - indistinguishable from the other keys. Not higher, lower, smaller or twisted in any way - just seamless. Undetectable which key was repaired.

    Knocking off stars because it is a finicky job to install seems churlish - it is a delicate repair, and if you are intimidated by that, just buy a complete assembled replacement keyboard.

    I can also see that if you don’t have patience or a delicate touch, you might be tempted to jam the key cap on, or force one or more of the legs to go where they’re not supposed to go, and snap something, or collapse little jaws and ruin the repair. And in your frustration, complain and give a poor rating. Which is actually not the fault of the part - as I said, perfect fit and function. Exactly what they say it is. Exactly what I needed. Hence 5 stars.

    Mark van der Pol

  • 5
    Great service!

    Posted by Abner on 20th May 2018

    Fast shipment. Perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by Brandon on 3rd Feb 2018

    They came quick, and were in very good condition. Easy to replace. Thank you webpage designer for including the pictures of the key types, that is incredibly helpful.

  • 5

    Posted by Amy on 17th Nov 2017

    Easy to install and good quality

  • 5
    Brandon Strauss

    Posted by Brandon Strauss on 12th Nov 2017

    Worked perfectly

  • 5
    fit perfecrt

    Posted by frank on 30th Oct 2017

    It fit perfect and it is what was described.