HP EliteBook 840 G6 Keyboard Keys Buying Guide 2022

Posted by Replacement Laptop Keys on 29th Mar 2022

The HP elitebook 840 G6 and G5 model has been best sellers for the last several years and because of the success different vendors were used to produce the keyboard and therefore resulting in various versions of the keyboard and hinge clip, and in this simple to follow guide we will show you the difference in models of the keyboard and variations of the hinge clips.The keyboard itself should have the letter font in the upper left corner and not centered, if the letter fonts is in the center t […] Read more »

Refreshed Keyboard Keys for 2020 Apple M1 MacBook Pro

Posted by James on 21st May 2021

Like you guys we are also big fans of the entire line up of apple MacBook pros, in our office we have been using them for the last 10 years, but the previous version of the butterfly keyboard keys left us wondering if things would get worse before it gets better, but knowing how bad the butterfly hinge clip design was it was inevitable that apple switch up the keyboard design for the 2020 Apple M1 MacBook keyboard, the keyboard now features a traditional scissor clip design, and now the MacBook […] Read more »
Apple MacBook Pro Space Bar Key - Most Problematic of All Time

Apple MacBook Pro Space Bar Key - Most Problematic of All Time

Posted by Replacement Laptop Keys on 10th Jun 2019

We have been in the laptop keyboard key replacement keys for over 10 years, and the space bar key from latest generation of Apple MacBook Pro keyboards is the most problematic key of all time, we have even seen failures straight out of a brand new box, no the key did not fall off, but when you press on the key you can just tell something was not right, when you deal with keyboard keys like we have each and every single day for the last ten years, you can just tell something was off, and it […] Read more »

Google ChromeBook Keys - Functions and Meaning

Posted by Replacement Laptop Keys on 4th Jun 2019

Chromebooks are unique in many ways, they are very inexpensive, for the most part very durable, well at least durable enough for most of the school districts across the country to switch from Macbooks to Chromebooks, the chromebook unlike laptops it is meant to be disposable and not repaired or repairable so many of the parts on it are either soldered into the motherboard, the screen is glued into the screen bezels, and the keyboard is also glued together with the palmrest making repair impossib […] Read more »
Piece of Dust can ruin a Keyboard

Piece of Dust can ruin a Keyboard

Posted by Replacement Laptop Keys on 31st May 2019

There was a blog post recently by Casey Johnson titled "The New MacBook Keyboard is Ruining My Life" in which in this blog she shared her experience with the New Macbook keyboard, she talked about how she was having multiple issues with the Macbook Pro keyboard keys and brought it to the attentions of the Apple Genius in the Apple store, only to find out a it was pieces of dust was the culprit of her headache with the butterfly design keyboard keys, she was let the employees know that if a […] Read more »