HP EliteBook 840 G6 Keyboard Keys Buying Guide 2022

Posted by Replacement Laptop Keys on 29th Mar 2022

Hp Elitebook 840 G6 keyboard keys replacement

The HP elitebook 840 G6 and G5 model has been best sellers for the last several years and because of the success different vendors were used to produce the keyboard and therefore resulting in various versions of the keyboard and hinge clip, and in this simple to follow guide we will show you the difference in models of the keyboard and variations of the hinge clips.

The keyboard itself should have the letter font in the upper left corner and not centered, if the letter fonts is in the center then most likely you have a newer generation G7 or G8 version for this guide we are solely focusing on the G6 and G5, there are also some keyboard with the mouse pointer between the GHB keys, we only carry the version without the mouse pointer.

HP Elitebook 840 g8 keyboard key replacement
(Center font keys shown above then most likely the 840 is a G7 or G8 version)

mouse pointer on GHB keys elitebook 840
(Some versions have a mouse pointer, we only carry the non mouse variant)

The hinge clips on Elitebook 840 G6 keyboard can be confusing so lets take a closer look at the two version and how you can easily identify the version on your keyboard.  The hinge clip is referring to the plastic part that connects the key cap to the base of the keyboard, you will need to remove the key cap in order to see the version you have, there is no way to tell which version without seeing the actual clip.

Elitebook 840 G6 keyboard key hinge clip HC16 EliteBook 840 G6 Hinge Clip HC16

Elitebook 840 G6 keyboard key hinge clip HC17  EliteBook 840 G6 Hinge Clip HC17

Here we have two examples of the EliteBook 840 G6 hinge clips version HC16 and HC17 both look almost identical and both have 4 mounting points two on the top and two on the bottom, but the easy way to identify is to look at the bottom of the plastic hinge clip, the HC17 is straight all the way across and version HC16 this version has a cut out at the bottom which we have circled in red.  The hinge clips are not universal so identifying the correct version will insure a perfect fit and easy installation, and last thing we want to note is that to also look at the picture of the keyboard and make sure your layout and language is US version before placing the order, so look carefully when ordering and by choosing the correct version the installation process is simple as clicking the key in place.

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