Lets talk about MacBook Pro keyboard keys

Posted by Replacement laptop keys on 23rd May 2019

I use the MacBook Pro as my personal laptop at work and an iMac at the office, so I live in the apple ecosystem and it serves me well, but the keys on the latest and greatest MacBook Pro keyboards..  I get that apple is always trying to make the latest laptop thinner and thinner but at what cost?  maybe the next MacBook Pro will have no physical keyboard and we just type on a surface with no feedback? hope not.  

What I like about the this keyboard and what I don't like, I like the fact that it looks very slick and the actual size of the keys are large and the print is very easy to read, my fat fingers are always able to reach all the keys without issue.  What I don't like is the lack of travel of the hinge clip when I press on it, it does not travel enough for me, I personally still prefer the old macbook and MacBook pros where you get the longer travel, the butterfly clip they are using in this keyboard is once again used because they want to make this keyboard thinner but the feel its gone, its less clicky like the older models, and finally lets talk about replacing these keys, the pursuit of a sleek laptop also took a toe here, there is less gap in-between the keys, that is great and all so less dirt and crumbs get under the keys but making the repair process more of a pain, you have to find the smallest screwdriver to pry the key up to pop the key off.

Overall I think its just a bad design on this keyboard, the latest is not the greatest when it comes to apple keyboards, they had some great keyboards in the past, great feel, great travel, and repairs on them were very simple so please Apple, listen to your customers and bring back the older and more clicky MacBook Pro keyboards!