Toshiba Laptop Keys

Posted on 28th Jan 2015

When using your Toshiba laptop computer, you come in contact with the keyboard keys more than any other aspect of the machine. Sure, you probably use the mouse curser or pad routinely, but nothing takes abuse like the keyboard. Since this is the case, there may come a time when one or more Toshiba laptop keys need to be replaced or repaired. This is not a major dilemma! There is no reason to call your nearest laptop computer technician or repair shop for professional assistance. You can easily locate a series number and model number on the bottom of your Toshiba computer, and purchase a replacement keyboard key on your own.

There are four different series of Toshiba laptops. These are Portege, Qosmio, Satellite, and Tecra. Now, if you are unsure of the laptop model you have, start with the series name. The Qosmio series, for instance, has five different laptop models, which all require different replacement laptop keys. These models are as follows: Qosmio F50, Qosmio F55, Qosmio F501, Qosmio X300, and QosmioX305. Once you identify your Toshiba laptop model, you can then acquire the right replacement keys for it.

Let’s say you have a nonfunctional SHIFT key on your Toshiba Portege R400 laptop. We offer a replacement key, along with the necessary rubber cup and retainer clip that allow you to replace that SHIFT key on your own. It takes very little money and time to do so. Please contact us with any questions about laptop keys you need replaced.