ChromeBook 9Z.N8XSN.101 Keyboard Keys Replacement

Laptop Key Replacement Kit

(Includes key Cap, Hinge Clip, and Cup. All The Parts Needed To Repair Your Keyboard Key.)

Full Key Replacement Kit

ChromeBook 9Z.N8XSN.101 Keyboard Keys Replacement

Price: $5.99
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ChromeBook 9Z.N8XSN.101 Laptop Keyboard Keys Replacement

This Google Series 3 9Z.N8XSN.101 Keyboard key is 100% OEM and Offers Perfect Fit & Finish.

There seems to be only one version of this keyboard on the market right now. please make sure your keyboard matches to the picture below.

This is the layout of the keyboard

Google XE500C21 Keyboard Keys Replacement

What comes with each laptop key kit.

laptop keyboard key cap

The Key Cap
This is the piece of plastic that has the letter on it.

laptop key retainer clip hinge

The Retainer Clip
The plastic or metal sisscor clip pieces that hold the key cap to the base of the keyboard.

laptop key rubber cup

The Rubber Cup
This is the piece of rubber or plastic that acts as the spring to rebound the key after your press it.




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