Definitive Guide to Apple MacBook Pro Keyboard Key and Hinge Clips

Apple computers first started the Macbook Pro lineup in 2006 with the 15” silver all silver laptop and silver keyboard keys, its been over 13 years ago and the demand for the silver keyboard keys has slow down quite a bit over the years, but since the debut of the second generation and later generation MacBook pros with the Black keyboard the demand has been very strong as this model has a user base over a million and its also the go to workhorse of creative professionals to everyday home user.

The purpose of this guide is to prove you with an easy to follow guide on identifying the correct hinge clip for the MacBook Pro with the black keyboard keys, there is no need to worry about which generation of MacBook Pro you have, if your keyboard is BLACK then this guide is for you.

Identifying the correct Apple MacBook Pro Keys and Hinge clip is simple

Guide to MacBook Pro Key Replacement

Although the different generations of MacBook Pros were all designed by Apple, but because of supply chain and strategic logistic reason Apple outsource the keyboards to different keyboard manufactures throughout the years, and because each manufacture has its versions of the keyboard, it is that reason there are various versions of the plastic hinge clip under the key cap.  

different keyboard manufacture different hinge clips

Apple used more than one vendor to produce the MacBook Pro Keyboard

The look, feel, and layout of the keyboard stayed the same, but unknown to the end user a new MacBook Pro with the same model number from electronic outlets such as Best Buy, Amazon, or Target and more likely than not will end up with three different versions of hinge clips under the keyboard key cap, the chance is rather random.

same MacBook pro may have different keyboards

Apple MacBook Pro with the black keyboard from 2008 to 2015 and before the MacBook Pro with the butterfly clip hinge clip all utilize the following hinge clip.

The following chart and naming of Apple MacBook Pro hinge clips is exclusive to us, please note that other outlets may have there own name or part number.

 MacBook Pro 2008 - 2011.5 

  • AC01 Hinge Clip
  • AC05 Hinge Clip
  • AC08 Hinge Clip

macbook pro ac01 hinge clipmacbook pro ac05 hinge clipmacbook pro ac08 hinge clip

 MacBook Pro 2011.5 - 2015

  • AC06 Hinge Clip
  • AC07 Hinge Clip

ac06 hinge clip for retina macbook pro key replacementac07 clip for retina macbook pro laptop key replacement

With your laptop keyboard powered off, lay your laptop on a flat surface, and compare your missing key area to the hinge clip examples in this guide, if your keys are still intact and you are nervous about removing it to identify the version of hinge clip, please follow the guide on how to remove a key from a keyboard.

In summary identifying the correct Apple MacBook keyboard key and hinge clip is very simple, we layout the various versions through out the years and provided detail layout of each hinge clip, we hope you find this guide helpful and we thank you for being a customer.