Google Chromebooks Keyboard Keys from all the manufactures.

Google Chromebooks Keyboard Keys come in different shapes and sizes and in just about every single Brand from Acer to Toshiba makes a Google Chromebook, Google itself makes their own Google Pixel and Pixelbook to which we carry the keyboards, and then there are the Branded Google chromebook models from Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba partners.  We carry all brands of Google Chromebook keyboards keys, see the following list for direct link to the branded chromebook models.

Acer ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

Asus ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

Dell ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

HP ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

Lenovo ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

Samsung ChromeBook Keyboard Keys

Toshiba ChromeBook Keyboard Keys


Models below are ChromeBook made by GOOGLE.

Google CR48 Keyboard Keys (2010)

Google Pixel Keyboard Key (2013)

Google Pixel 2 Keyboard Key (2015)

Google PixelBook (2017)

Google PixelBook 2 (2019) 

  • Google Chrome Pixel Keyboard Key Replacement

    Price: $4.99

    Google Chrome Pixel Keyboard Key Replacement These Google chrome pixel keyboard key replacements are 100% OEM and will offer youwith a perfect fit & finish, they are in stock and ready to ship out. Below is a picture of the actual keyboard and...

  • Google keyboard key replacement

    Google ChromeBook Keyboard Keys Replacement

    Price: $5.99

    Google ChromeBook Keyboard Keys Replacement This Google ChromeBook Keyboard key is 100% OEM and Offers Perfect Fit & Finish. There seems to be only one version of this keyboard on the market right now, please take a look at the hinge clip and...