MacBook Pro M1 Pro (2021 - 22)


With the introduction of the M1 chip MacBook and MacBook Pros apple have really stepped out their game in the processing power, we only care about one thing, how good and how serviceable are the keyboards, and we are glad to report they made huge strides in that area also, this generation code name "MAGIC" keyboard well are not quite magic but leap and bounds better than last generation which uses the butterfly hinge clip, sure it made the keyboard and laptop thinner but the design was horrible and the feel when you type was just didn't give you enough input, and couldn't tell if the key stroke registers or not, with the M1 Pro and M1 Max the keys on the keyboards uses a traditional scissor hinge clip and the feel is much improved, you feel every stroke you type and the feedback is just perfect, the travel the rubber cup give you is a nice touch, the keyboard is still expensive and a pain to replace however, but if you have couple of damaged keys the best option is still to replace individual key caps with our replacement laptop key kit which features the key cap, hinge clip, and rubber cup making the repair literally as simple as a snap.

  • Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro Keyboard Keys Replacement

    Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro Keyboard Keys Replacement

    Price: $7.99

    Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro Keyboard Key Replacement (Nov 2021 Release Date) The November 2021 Apple M1 Pro is considered also a 2022 model year, this model features the newer and faster of the M1 chip, and the keyboard on this model is pretty much the...